Executive Interview – Gervais Williams discusses his third book, The Retreat of Globalisation

In the book he explains how he views the current period as one of profound change in social attitudes. This social change is manifesting itself in the electorate, affecting political decision-making and thus economic change, which will ultimately have an impact on markets. Gervais argues that the world is not well placed for any further economic setback given that interest rates have been cut to all-time lows, the ‘shock and awe’ has gone from quantitative easing and yet global growth is still not very satisfactory. Rather than any significant market correction, however, Gervais envisages divergent trends, whereby those companies that are investing to improve productivity and efficiency, taking advantage of others’ weaknesses and delivering outstanding customer service, will be particularly well-placed to protect margins and grow. He views the vibrancy of the UK market as a good place to take advantage of these opportunities.

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